We carried out our consultation via online, typically using video consultation call with Whatsapp/ LINE/ Wechat. We only take in a fixed amount of students per year, to ensure our services quality. So if you wish you avail our services, we highly encourage you to book your consultation here. Plus! it makes it easier as we live in Ireland, so we are able to tell you what is going on here and the most updated information for Irish universities.

Yes, we make sure to travel to our students’ home country at least twice per year. We usually have Go! 21 information event or seminar talks in schools.

If you wish to nominate your school to host a Go! 21 Study Abroad Talk, get in touch with us. Or if we’re traveling to your home country, we will let you know too!

Yes, Institute of Technology or College in Ireland are 3rd level institutions and offer degree just like university. The only difference is just in the name.

For example, Trinity College Dublin or Massachusetts Institute of Technology; although they do not associate their names with “university”, they are all top tertiary education providers in the world.

All Irish universities, colleges and institute of technologies that Go! 21 partnered with are fully recognised in Ireland and worldwide.

Email them to hello@go21.me

We recommend students start applying AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, at least 6 - 8 months before university starts.

If you’re applying for September intake, the closing date will in between June – August (Depending on the university and course places).

If you’re applying for January intake, the closing date will between November – December.

Yes, you can! We can even try to submit your current academic results to Irish colleges first in order to obtain a conditional offer letter for you.

Once your IELTS results are released, we will then submit it to your selected Irish colleges immediately and hopefully receive a full unconditional offer letter!

Our founder and team are here in Dublin, Ireland who are available to handle issues on the ground.

In addition, Go! 21 Education follows detailed safety procedures including:

Once students submit their online application form here, it will take between 10 to 30 working days for processing.

Unfortunately, no. Our services is only available for Go! 21 students who applied Irish college with us. He or she can then avail of all the free services and membership to Go! 21 Study Abroad Community.

To start your college application, simply fill out this form here to get started.

Go!21 Education can help apply scholarship on your behalf. However, students must apply as soon as possible and start applying here, receive your full offer letter then you will be eligible to apply.

Contact Us to obtain the scholarship questionnaire today.

If you're a Malaysian, Singaporean citizen or holding a passport from Taiwan or Hong Kong, then you do not require visa to enter Ireland. Some other countries citizens may require, click here to read the full list.

We provide our students with free application to all Irish universities.

However, if you're applying to Trinity College Dublin, a fee of 99 euros is required. Click here to pay.

No. Your course fees are inclusive of exam fees.

We recommend students to pay their fees in full prior entering Ireland. However, you may pay your fees in instalment during your next year of studies, depending on your university.