• Making mom proud - this is my study abroad dream story

    Andrew Yeo

  • About Andrew

    Irish education institution enrolled:

    Chosen course:


    Johor Bahru, Malaysia

    Why chose Go! 21 Education to study in Ireland?


    With the professional service provided by Go! 21 Education, my mom too also felt safer for letting me to study in Ireland.

    For example, Go! 21 Education continued to kept in touch with students after arrival in Dublin.
    Students feel safe abroad, especially with this strong support given by Go! 21 Education.

  • My study abroad life in Ireland

    The learning environment in DIFC is great. For instance, the teachers were all very patient and kind in assisting with our studies.
    And if you have any questions, you can always feel safe to ask them and they are always there happy to help.

    Ready to take the leap and study abroad just like Andrew?

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