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Why study Masters in Ireland?

Written by Sandy Chuah, current MSc Marketing student in Dublin Institute of Technology :)

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I think this is a frequently-asked- question (FAQ) and I did ask myself with the same questions over and over again.

Would taking master course make any difference in terms of salary? Would master qualification make any difference in future? Why Ireland?

Frankly speaking, I had never thought of studying in Ireland. It had never appeared in my list of choices because I seriously didn’t know about the existence of this small country until I saw Go! 21
Education Facebook page

I approached the consultant in Go! 21 Education out of curiosity and found out that studying in Ireland is so special as compared to studying in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. It sounded so different and not-mainstream to me.

So, I started to look for more information about Ireland myself and some lifestyle photos from Go! 21 Education Facebook page.

Go! 21 Education - Study Abroad Community in Ireland in the last event - Career chat with senior and students.

The main reason I chose to pursue master’s degree in Ireland because I noticed there are so many multinational headquarters such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft are all based in Ireland. Ireland is a key technology hub in Europe with significant operations located there.

I thought this might be helpful for my future career development as I believe there would be higher job opportunities.

PS: International students who completed Masters course successfully in Ireland will receive 2 years of graduate work visa! How cool is that!

You can also make more friends from different countries and cultures here! I am surrounded by nice and friendly people here (feeling fortunate). The picture (below) was taken before a presentation to an Irish company. I know it sounds a bit strange to look so happy before a presentation! We were just too nervous and wanted to ease the tension!

Sandy and her classmates in MSc Marketing

Other than building up my network of connections in DIT, I also get to know more people from different industries by joining events in Ireland.

Recently I joined an event which a few entrepreneurs share their experience in establishing startups. It was interesting and also awkward because everyone there was working adult while I was the only student! Haha! But it was interesting to listen to their work life and get some advice in job hunting.

You could even learn to build up a good network in LinkedIn if you are not too shy to get people’s contact.

Besides, studying in Ireland gives me the chance to travel around Europe! This is the
most attractive condition because who doesn’t like to travel in Europe with lower cost?!
I had been to Scotland early of the year and guess how much did I spend on flight
tickets? Surprisingly, it costed me less than €30 (about RM 150) for a round trip! This is
totally an advantage of studying in Europe.

Sandy and her recent trip to Glasglow, Scotland

In Ireland, there is a low-fare flight called Ryanair which is similar to Air Asia. They offer cheap flights so that everyone including students can afford to fly.

I love to travel around and it is a bonus when you know you are not going to spend a lot for a trip!

Sandy and her travel buddies in their Scotland trip!

Of course, I know what worries you most when come to studying abroad – cost of study
I was struggling too because I was afraid that the cost of going abroad would
add burden to my parents.

Now, what if I tell you that you can study in Ireland with lower fees?

The cost of studying in Ireland is generally lower than other countries.

In addition, there are multiple scholarships available for application. For example, Dublin Institute of Technology (where I am taking my master’s degree here) offers Centenary Scholarship for international students at masters level.

This scholarship will cover half of the fees for one academic year.

If you're interested in this scholarship, make sure to reach out to Go! 21 Education and find out more!

Now, why I take this master’s degree. I know the struggle when it comes to making the decision
whether to further study or not. I decided to take master’s degree because I thought I
haven’t learnt much in degree
. Most of the knowledge gained in degree is from
textbook and are all theory-based.

From the master course, I learn a lot in practical.
Masters course is not about just reading books, memorizing facts and answering the questions in
exam. Most of the subjects are rated with assignments, which you have to constantly
work on subjects in order to pass the modules. I know it sounds scary but I can assure
you would be gaining a lot here. We had the chances to work on real company projects (such as SMEs or even large, multinational corporate in Ireland). 

Lately, our class has been working together with Microsoft and an Irish company Leading Edge Group.

I just did a presentation on Bing campaign supported by Microsoft! Don’t you find it
amazing to have the chance to work with such a big corporate?

It was awesome to have so much insights learnt from the Marketing and Business industry. I have successfully made a few connections on LinkedIn from the company projects there, all prepared for my job hunting after graduation!

This picture was taken few weeks ago when we were having a speaker during one of our classes to talk about sales management.

I am now connected with the speaker in LinkedIn (feeling proud of myself haha). Inviting speakers to the class for industry talk is actually very common here and some of the speakers even took the opportunity to promote recruitment for their companies!

Picture taken in my trip to Scotland!

Finally, whoever has read through this blog, don’t be afraid to take a step forward.
Sometimes uncertainty could turn out to be an opportunity.

I am glad to have made this decision to come to Ireland for my Masters course and I am happy that I have gained so much more than I expected. :)

Words from Go! 21 Consultant - Hong Ling:

Really proud of Sandy's work so far in DIT and glad to see that she's gaining so much experiences and knowledge from her study abroad journey in DIT! I wish Sandy all the best and keep up the positivity! As a DIT alumni myself, I strongly recommend students to have a look at this amazing institute of technology for Degree and Masters courses :)

Interested in embarking your journey and career in Ireland?

Just like Sandy?

Reach out to us today:

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