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Why Study in Ireland? Part 2

Top secrets in here.

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Credits to Giuseppe Milo

There are tons of reasons to study in Ireland. Where do I start with?

Continuing from our previous ‘Why Study in Ireland? Part 1', here are another 5 great reasons to study in Ireland!

6. Advance Technology

Credits to Niall

With modern technology in place to support your education, you never have to worry about getting left behind. 

Most colleges provide online database platform such as Moodle where students can access all study materials, submit their assignments or to chat with other students and lecturers. 

If you study here, you will even find yourself experimenting with the latest film making equipment or 3D printer!

7. Multinational Companies Presence

Credits to Toblas

Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… you name it!

There are many multinational companies establishing their European headquarters in vibrant Ireland. Who knows, it might be your potential work place after you graduate!

8. International Events

Credits to Web Summit

Have you ever heard of the Web Summit? It’s an annual summit where entrepreneurs, investors and tech savvy people all over the world gather and innovate. 

Prepared to be inspired! 

You can also found other conferences in Ireland such as One Young World Dublin, Student Summit, Google Startup Weekend and so much more.

Get your networking skills brushed up and ready to meet amazing people in the industry. All here in Ireland.

9. Part Time Job + Graduate Job

Credits to GradIreland

Worrying about putting too much burden on your parents’ financial budget? Not to worry. 

With Part Time work flexibility for students in Ireland, we can work up to 20 hours per week during college term time and 40 hours per week during Summer holidays! 

All you need is your CV, some confidence and a little walk-around-town to find your part-time job.

What about once you graduate? Your career after college?

With your Degree or Masters obtained in Irish recognized higher education institutions, students are able to stay in Ireland for employment at least 1 year!

Ask us now to find your suitable Irish universities.

10. Travel around Europe, student budget style!

Credits to Moyan Brenn

With Ireland’s strategic location, it is easy to travel around Europe once you’re here!

Flight tickets from Dublin to other European countries can be surprisingly cheap sometimes! *Check out budget airlines such as: Ryanair, FlyBe.*

Credits to Javier Ezquerro

Cut down your budget even more by staying in backpacker hostels. Meet new traveler friends along the way and you never know what you're going to learn from people and new places :) 

Interested in how study abroad can shape your future and career? We know what it’s like!

There are actually much more reasons than these. Curious?

Contact us now for 2016 college admissions.

Go! 21 Student Agency, first student agency in Ireland to welcome Southeast Asian students. 

Let us help make your study abroad dream come true.

Written by our Digital Marketing intern - Maria Marselina

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