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Why study in Ireland? Part 1

We get this question a lot, why Ireland? Let us tell you why...

What English speaking country comes across your mind first when you are thinking of studying abroad? Four years ago, all of the countries I have heard of is Australia, UK, and USA. What about the less mainstream one, like Ireland? Have you ever heard about Ireland? Here is the top 10 reasons why you should study in Ireland!
1. English Speaking Country

Guess what… Irish people don’t just speak Irish, or Gaelic, they speak English, too!

The great thing about Ireland is, since it is a less mainstream destination for Asian student to study, you will meet a lot of multicultural students! You will be forced to speak English and your English Skill will improve without you even realising it!

Plus, you get to learn some cool Irish-English slang!  

2. Rich Local Culture
From Irish Dancing to Viking Festival every Summer, you will find how diverse Irish Culture is!
Have you ever heard of U2, The Script, and Hozier? They are all Irish Band!
You can watch street performers in Grafton Street, or stroll around the Temple Bar to find some pub gig.
You might get lucky someday, finding Ed Sheeran sings for a local pub gig!
3. Super friendly Irish people
In my opinion, Irish people are one of the best people in the world! They know how to have fun and crack a good few jokes. Upon arriving, you will be surprised on finding how friendly Irish people are!
They are not just famous for their helpful and charitable attitude but beware, they can be very chatty.
4. Breathtaking scenery

Ireland has some stunning landscapes that can only be found here! Go to Belfast to see bizarre hexagonal stones in the coast of Giants Causeway


down to Conemara for a scenic road trip and spot super fluffy(and surprisingly fast) mountain sheep!

Cool fact: Some locations in Ireland are used for Game of Thrones and the latest blockbuster movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens shooting location!

5. Low crime rates
According to, in 2011 EU Reports confirms that Ireland is the 6th safest country in the world.
I lost my wallet last year with around 200 Euro cash in it and all of my ID cards. Believe it or not, around two months later someone returned it to the International Office with every single penny in it. Frankly speaking, people with this level of honesty is hard to find.
However, with the low crime rate, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take any precaution and act carelessly. You should always be careful everywhere you go!
6. .............
Interested in discovering more about Ireland?

We help students to realize their study abroad dream in Ireland.

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