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Top 5 money-saving tips that international students in Ireland must learn!

How to realize the dream of studying abroad in Ireland while saving some study expenses?

When first arrived in Ireland, international students often do not know where to find the most afforable restaurants or groceries. Basically, they accumulate "money saving tricks" through continuous trial and experience.

Today, the editor will teach you some practical tips for saving money in Ireland!

Fast Food

1. If you like fast food, you can download the McDonalds or KFC apps. There are different discounts every week so that you can buy fast food without spending the full price. Being able to buy original-priced item at a discount is one of the most enjoyable things ever~

*Show the Student Leap Card at McDonalds to buy Big Mac/McChicken medium meal for €5, the original price is €8 or more!

Grocery Shopping

2. One of the most important strategies to save money is through grocery shopping! Going to the supermarket to buy groceries is something that you do every week, so if you can save €3-5 each time you shop, then you will be able to accumulate at least €12 in a month!! You can even use the saved money to reward yourself with a meal takeaway or a dress at Penneys!

The strategy is Lidl Plus App! Although it’s cheap to buy food in Lidl/Aldi, why not get more discounts?

This app will have different discounts every week. At least 5-6 items are 50% or 20% or €1 discount. It also has a feature called scratch and win. Sometimes you will get free cookies, sauces and so on. From time to time, you will get  €1 discount coupon! It sounds little, but it will add up to a large sum in a month.


3. The shopping strategy at the pharmacy - the biggest pharmacy in Ireland is Boots! If you apply for Student Leap card, you can enjoy a 10% discount at Boots! Don’t forget to apply for Boots’ Advantage Card to accumulate points. Points can also be used as cash to purchase goods. You can earn 4 points by spending €1, and  get €1 discount from every 100 points!

In addition, it is highly recommended to download the Boots app. Many discounts and points can be redeemed on this app!

Food Delivery

4. If you like to order food, you can download the UberEats App. Compared to JustEat or Deliveroo, Ubereats is much more cheaper! UberEats sometimes emails customers 30% discount code. There is also a feature on the app called €0 Delivery Countdown. With this feature, you can enjoy free takeaway, and you only need to pay service fee.

This feature will adjust the restaurant according to your area and change the free delivery restaurants  every 15 minutes. In addition to the Boojum and Chicken Hut in the photo, sometimes you can also find delicious wow burger or Abrakebabra.

Unidays Discount

5. Unidays is an essential App for international students! Many major brands are offering discounts on the App such as Adidas, Boohoo, Asos, MAC, fresh, Rituals, SuperDry, Schuh, Champion and so on. Other than providing discount codes for clothes, Unidays also has other categories such as food and beverages, sports and lifestyle, technology, beauty, travel and so on.

I hope these money-saving tips can help all the students studying in Ireland!

Interested in studying in Ireland?

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