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Top 5 job fairs in Ireland

Studying abroad just isn't enough. How about getting some practical work experiences in Ireland?

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You've probably done that.

Typing up your CV (also known as the resume) and send it to ALL companies you know are hiring.

Is this right?

Well, there are lots of methods when it comes to job hunting. Sending CV via online is great, but wouldn't it be better if you're able to meet, network and engage with your potential recruiters in person? Go to a career fair!

PS: Don't forget international students like you in Ireland have one-year work visa after graduation - so do make full use of it!

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And that's why we compile top 5 job fairs you should watch out for:

1. gradireland

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If you wish to hunt job smartly, the first thing you need to do is to sign up for job alerts on - huge resources available for students when it comes to CV writing tips, interview tips and more. From internships to graduate programs, you can find it all here.

Then attend their career fairs held throughout the year! Just to name a few:

  • gradireland graduate careers fair 
  • GRADchances STEM fair 
  • GRADchances Language fair
  • gradireland summer fair 

2. Career Zoo

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If you wish to attend a careers fair not just to speak to recruiters but also attending some talks, Career Zoo is the one for you. With 80 employers and 50 speakers in their last event, Career Zoo has attracted a high 7,300 attendees!

Here's a great article about how attendees got hired at Career Zoo, check it out.

3. Upstarter

If you wish to attend a job fair and you have a strong interest in startups and entrepreneur culture, Upstarter event is the place for you.

It is so far the only startup and tech jobs fair in Ireland!

Previous employers who attended the event included:

  • Accenture
  • zendesk
  • Groupon
  • GirlCrew and more!
Past attendees have told me that they really enjoyed the event as it was very casual and relax. Good opportunity to network with your potential employers. Check 'em out here.

4. Campus job fair

Depending on which college you attend in Ireland, most colleges would organise job fair in the campus for students. Make sure to pop by your college career development office before the fair for a quick CV check!

Campus career fair is a great opportunity for students, as the companies are already aware of your college. Just make sure to dress in a business casual manner to strike that first impression!

5. Corporate networking events

Most students freaked out a bit when its comes to attending networking events in companies. Don't worry! It's actually a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the company.

  • Culture - the way of doing things here. Casual? formal? 
  • Meet the staff and talk to them - do they enjoy working there? 
  • Introduce yourself to the recruiter - what qualities are they looking for?
  • Meet new friends!

Here are some upcoming corporate networking events for you:

Accenture - Women Entrepreneurs event on Nov 3rd click here.

LogMeIn - Hiring Open House event on Nov 8th click here.

That's all folks!

Hope you find this article useful for you.

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