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Top 5 Facts! Before studying in Ireland

One of our Go! 21 Study Abroad Influencer participants - Aeris Iu shared with us the things you should watch out for before coming to Ireland!

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1. Cold, Wet and Sibeh Windy

Most of Go! 21 students arrive in Ireland during January, June or September. Watch out for the change of seasons - Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August), Autumn (September-November), and Winter (December-February).

The difference between the four seasons are wet, wetter, and wettest and windy, windier and windiest. *Honest note!*

Solution: Prepare waterproof/weatherproof bag and jacket (or coat if you arrive in January).

2. Get your camera ready - even kampung is pretty!

Most student found it really easy to take fascinating scenery photo just around the corner. I’ll show you some of mine.

I travelled a lot in Ireland and I truly enjoyed every city and every place I been to.

To be honest, comparing to Malaysia, Ireland can be quite boring sometimes. (Well in Malaysia we have pasar malam and Jusco that opens till 11pm!)

Sometimes I really felt like living in a ‘kampung’ in Ireland - shops are closed after 6pm. Kinda huge difference for Malaysians like us.

But hey! That doesn't mean it's a bad thing, at least I took a hell lot of beautiful pictures ;)

Solution: Bring some board or card games or just simply walk around the city to immerse yourself in its beauty.

3. The famous Irish accent

Think you got good listening skill? Well, think again. The Irish accent will blow you away.

When I first met my Irish friends, their accent sound like as if they’re eating ‘Muaji’.

I listen till ‘kisiao’ at first. 

For example, “how are you?” will sound like “how ware yuu?” 

You can’t blame them for their accent as they speak Gaelic. (The old language from Ireland - but everybody speaks English now) 

Solution: The only way to improve is to listen, listen and listen. 

If you can't understand well at the start, don't worry -  just say “I beg your pardon?” and they’ll repeat it for you again. 

Also - most lectures in universities speak English in an accent all international students would understand so no worries lah.

Just keep calm and listen.

4. Watch out for shops opening hours!

In Malaysia, you got 7-11 lah, mamak stalls lah, food court lah everywhere. We can get all sorts of foods, drinks and entertainments 24 hours every day. 

But here in Ireland, there isn't really any grocery stores that open after 11pm (Tesco usually open till 11pm, other stores close around 7pm or 9pm). Cinema opens after 1pm and most of them don’t air midnight shows.

Solution: If you really need something urgent after 11pm, try borrow it from your housemates or your neighbors. 

5. You're going to miss Bak Kut Teh

And let's face the truth - you're going to miss all the mamak and local food from home! Here in Ireland, yes you can find local Asian food - see our previous blog article here.

But what if you wish to cook by yourself? To cook something that feels like home, plus to feed all your craves for mama home cooked meals!

Good news - your cooking skills will improve in Ireland and your mama will be proud of ya.

My housemates and I have cooked meals such as mee huen kuai, bak kut teh, clayot chicken rice, nasi lemak, prawn mee and more.

Solution: You just have to get used to it and cook yourself lo. Bring more packets of sauce and soup bags, ikan bilis (no shops sell ikan bilis here in Ireland) 

Oh and some Chinese herbs too if you need it. Here's my collection of sauces and soup bags.

So that's it! Study abroad in Ireland is real fun and challenging at the same time.

But hey, it's definitely very rewarding and a great learning journey to be on for me and my friends :)

Wanna study in Ireland like Aeris and cook Bak Kut Teh together?

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