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Tips & Tricks! Living on a budget in Ireland

Fancy studying abroad while keeping budget in style?

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Isn't study abroad great?

Hanging out with friends all around the world, study the subjects you are passionate about, but wait, just one little downside.

Money. We all need money to stay, to eat and to travel around.

We all need to watch out how we spend especially when we are in a different country.

Then watch out these few tips below from our Go! 21 Student Agency Education Consultants :)

#1 Groceries

1. Go shop in supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi

Lidl and Aldi are the discounted grocery marts for your daily groceries shopping.

They have stores all around Ireland so don't you worry!

What to look out for in Lidl and Aldi? Pay attention to their weekly offer

You can get a box of cherry as cheap as €0.59 cent during special offers! -  Maria Marselina

Check out what's fresh in store from their websites ->

Lidl's website click here

Aldi's website click here

2. Sign up for grocery member card offers

Supermarkets in Ireland such as Dunnes Stores, SuperValu and Tesco offer free member loyalty cards.

Based on the money you have spent, you can convert these Membership Points into vouchers!

*Gimme more discounts!*

Check out what discounts they have for customers from their websites ->

Dunnes Stores' website click here

Supervalu's website click here

Tesco Ireland's website click here

3. Shop in Asia Market

Where to find that Sambal Paste I miss so much from Malaysia? Where to find that Vietnamese Wrap I miss so much from home? 

Find all the Asian ingredients you need in Asia Market.

From Japanese Rice to steamboat ingredients and authentic instant noodles (Yes I am talking about ALL types of Asian instant noodles you can think of) etc...

And the best part?

Show the cash register your Student Card and you are entitled for a 10% discount! Go students!

Check out Asia Market's website here

So for groceries, generally students would spend around €100 -150 for food. Want it cheaper? Split the cost and cook together with your housemates! 

#2 Transportation

Sign up for Student Leap Card to get all the discounts you can!

Save up to 60% on transportation in Ireland when you use Student Leap Card.

Check out from their website here.

You are even entitled to discounts in shops such as McDonald's, Boots Pharmacy and so much more.

Top Tip: Once you arrive in Ireland, our education consultant will show you where you can apply for one!

#3 Clothing

1. Shop in PENNYS for the best deal!

This Primark shop - PENNYS is everyone’s favorite.

Everything here is not only affordable but in line with fashion too!

You can find winter coat as cheap as €15!

Check out latest offers on Spring clothing here

2. Second-hand Charity Shops

Do not underestimate the fashion treasures you can find from second-hand items charity shop.

Charity shops such as St Vincent De Paul, Oxfam Ireland, Irish Cancer Society and etc are located throughout Ireland.

Most of the clothes and coats you can find can be less than €5!

Quick fact: Do you know Ireland is ranked as one of the most charitable and generous countries in the world?

Locals love supporting charity shops, so why not blend in as well :)
Plus, not only is to support charity but to save the planet (re-use clothing) while saving your pocket money!

3. Fashion stores with student discounts!

I am a fan of New Look myself, hence with my Student Card or Student Leap Card (See above) students can enjoy up to 10 - 15% discount.

So bring your student card everywhere!

Fashion stores that include student discounts include: TopShop, New Look, Miss Selfridge and etc

#4 Accommodation

Accommodation cost varies depends on which part of Ireland, which part of city you are living in.

Few options are available for students. 

Such as Student Accommodation in campus where it is designed to be close to college and suitable for students.

Alternatively for other affordable options, students can also rent a house and share it with friends. Or simply rent a room by yourself by searching through useful websites such as, Daft and etc.

Here are some useful links for finding your accommodation: website click here website click here

Top Tip: We always recommend students staying in Student Accommodation when they first arrive in Ireland. Let us know and we can help to book it for you!

#5 Traveling

Make full use of your study abroad experience in Europe.

Credits to Kathelyn Chatlefield

When you study in Ireland, travelling is a must! There is a very cheap airline called Ryanair, where you can get return ticket to London as low as €8!

Most of the European countries are backpackers friendly. There are youth hostels for you to spend the night, with price as low as €12!

Some useful links for you to plan your European travel ahead:

Ryanair website click here 

To book a backpacker's hostel click here

Compare flights using Momondo, click here

Top Tip: As your education consultants are all graduates from Ireland, ask them directly for travel tips! We are all travel enthusiasts just like you :)

That's it! We hope you find this blog article useful for your study abroad planning!

Remember, you can always look for us if you have any questions about studying abroad here in Ireland.

Another Top Tip before you go: Ask your education consultant for your

Go! 21 Personally Designed Study Abroad Budget today

Contact us now to make your study abroad dream a reality.

Written by our Digital Marketing Intern, Maria Marselina

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