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Study Abroad Checklist - Part 1

What to prepare before study abroad?

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Reality check here.

If you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing you are interested in studying abroad, or maybe you’ve already made the choice to study in Ireland – if so, congratulations!

Choosing to studying abroad is a tough, yet exciting, decision to make in life. But before the fun starts, you need to do some serious planning! Read part one of my 10-step checklist before your study abroad adventure begins…

Step 1: Do you homework

Credits to Marco Nedermeijer via Flickr

It’s a good idea to do a little homework on your study abroad destination.

Before I arrived in Ireland I researched the basics like the currency (euro, by the way!) and the weather (Accuweather is my best friend now!).

Some interesting websites are the Irish Times, the Independent, and the College Times. I also made sure I learned a little about Ireland’s history. History is deeply embedded in every country and culture, and for international students like us, it is crucial to respect local customs and, most importantly, learn as much as you can!

Step 2: Choose your college and course

Credits to Giuseppe Milo via Flickr

With over 5,000 internationally recognized qualifications, you need to choose the college and course that’s right for you. Go! 21 offers consultation for students if you are interested in exploring all the study options available.

  • DIFC (Dublin International Foundation College)
  • GCD (Griffith College Dublin)
  • and more!

Step 3: Planning, planning and more planning!

Credits to Dan Foy via Flickr

Now you know which college suits your needs and the course you wish to study, next comes the nuts and bolts of making it happen.

You may need to have a proposal ready to detail why you are studying abroad and what the benefits are. This could be important if you wish to convince your family to support your choice too (see step 4 for more on this!). In the proposal you should outline:

Outline what you wish to achieve from this study abroad journey.

Whether it’s learning to be independent or to study and travel at the same time, setting a goal will give you more confidence in making this dream a reality.

Step 4: Pitch to your investors (i.e. your parents!)

Credits to svenwerk via Flickr

Most students will be relying on family to finance their study abroad in Ireland. It’s important to make your loved ones feel at ease knowing that you’re “all grown up” and ready to go!

Here are some tips when initiating the idea to your parents:

  • Get comfortable: Find a place where both parties will be at ease. In my case, I chose a café where my parents and I are both comfortable, so we could sit and talk freely
  • KISS rule (Keep It Simple, Stupid): Always remember to keep it simple! Use short presentation slides and language that is easy for parents to understand. Outline the things that matter to them, such as budget, your safety, accommodation, etc.
  • Be presentable: Show your parents that you are mature enough to be responsible in planning for your future and pursuing your dream of studying abroad in Ireland.
  • Patience & Persistence: In a lot of situations, parents can be quite intimidated by the idea of study abroad.  Patience is the key here. Try to be as patient as possible and show them the key information that matters most. 

Step 5: Professional advice

It is advisable to seek out reliable education agent so they can provide more information to your parents.

They can help you with things like:

  • Applying to Irish colleges
  • Applying for student accommodation
  • Visa applications
  • Airline ticket booking

Written by Hong Ling Wong (Via Education in Ireland - original article here)

Article cover photo credits to William Murphy via Flickr

Not enough info? Ask us for more insider details.

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