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Top 6 reasons to study @ Griffith College

· Study in Ireland

So you want to study abroad? Congratulations!

Why not consider Griffith College Dublin?

The largest private 3rd level higher education institution in Ireland. Established for over 40 years, Griffith College has produced graduates for all industries. Its Degree and Masters has too gained accredition for QQI, ACCA and more.

Come find out the top 6 reasons to study here!

1. Well-Balanced Ratio of Lecturer to Student

Small class size of a mean of 1:20 lecturer to student gives you the opportunity to receive full attention from each lecturer. Your questions will always be able to address by the lecturers in which you will have a better grasp of understanding of the lectures delivered.

PS: There are 77 different nationalities of students on campus! Study in Griffith College and get to meet friends all around the world. Have a look at how fun the campus is below!

2. Free Resources for Students

Creative studio provides you the necessities to come up with your own media products that can brighten up your portfolio. Moreover, radio studio, well-equipped gym with showers and lockers available, innovative library which allows easy online access to high quality journal articles and much more.

PS: Do you know? By studying Journalism Degree in Griffith College, you also receive free reporters pass and entry into various PR events!

3. Two Intakes - January 2018 and September 2018

September 2018 is for ALL courses, including Degree and Masters.

January 2018 intake is only available for certain courses, such as:

BA(HONS) in Business Studies – 2.5 years in duration

BA(HONS) in Accounting & Finance – 2.5 years in duration ( ACCA exemptions all F papers )

BA(HONS) in Business Studies (Marketing specialisation) – 2.5 years in duration

BA(HONS) in Business Studies (HRM specialisation) – 2.5 years in duration

Taking place in Griffith College Dublin campus

PS: If you start your Degree in January 2018, you'll complete 6 months faster!

(Honours Degree in Griffith College typically takes 3 years)

4. Affordable fees and scholarships

For instance,

BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance in Griffith College Dublin:

- 1st year fees are €9,400

- 2nd year fees are €8,400

(It would be €7,400 if you achieve average mark 70 and above in 1st year!)

- 3rd year fees are €7,400

(It would be €6,400 if you achieve average mark 70 and above in 2nd year!)

PS: You can even arrange fees instalments during your 2nd year with the college fees office ;)

5. Three Available Campuses in Ireland

Griffith College has campuses in the first and second largest cities in Ireland which are Dublin and Cork, while also a campus in Limerick city as well.

Their locations are all conveniently situated in the central of the city, highly accessible by public transport or just by foot.

PS: Tuition fees are cheaper in Cork and Limerick campus!

For example, 1st year fees for BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance in Cork campus is €7,000

Another PS: Living expenses are more affordable in Cork and Limerick city as well. Click here to read more about living in Ireland.

6. Free 3 Months English Course!

Oh boy! Once you receive your offer letter for September 2018 intake, fly to Griffith College Dublin campus in June 2018 and start your free 3 months English Summer Course!

  • Practice your English in a complete English speaking environment
  • Participate school tours to visit iconic spots in Dublin (bring the English class outdoor!)
  • Learn English from local Irish teachers 
  • Immerse yourself in an international environment where your classmates are from all over the world!

PS: It's one great way to set up your English skills real quick before your Degree starts.

Oh and one more thing...

Founder of Go! 21 Education, Hong Ling actually graduated from Griffith College Dublin!

There you go! Come ask Hong Ling, how was it like studying Business Degree for 3 years in Griffith College Dublin ;)

Reach out to us here, we're a friendly bunch :)

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Written by Go! 21 power team member, Lorraine Lim. Currently studying in Ireland, love traveling, running and helping any Go! 21 students in need :D

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