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IT Carlow - Jan 2018 Masters intake!

Want to study Masters course but don't want to wait until September 2018? Here's your chance!

· Study in Ireland


Now that you have your Degree, possibly too some years of work experiences, wouldn't it be wonderful to progress to the next level - masters course?

Typically, Masters courses in Ireland starts every year September.

Now, instead of waiting until September, IT Carlow now offers January 2018 intake!

January 2018 intake

Studying Masters in IT Carlow

  • Course length: 1 Year
  • Fees: €10,750

What makes IT Carlow special?

  • Strong industrial relations with local and multinational companies
  • The Sunday Times Institute of Technology of the year 2014
  • Aviation Academic Education Award of the year 2015
  • Affordable living and accommodation expenses in Carlow town
    • Approximately €6,000 - €7,000 per academic year (40% lower than Dublin city!)

Hold on! But why study Masters in Ireland?

Surely you can study Masters everywhere in the world. But why choose Ireland?

  • Receive 2-year Graduate work visa once you finish your masters course in IT Carlow! (Really!) 
  • Apply jobs in top multinational companies such as: Apple, Google, Facebook, DELL, HP, Paypal, Intel, IBM, Amazon, PWC, Microsoft and more! 
  • Highest GDP growth in European countries 
  • Best environment for business operations (More businesses, more job opportunities for you!)
  • One of the friendliest nations in the world (It's so much better to study in a country where locals are friendly!) 
  • Also one of the safest and peaceful countries to live in 
  • Greenery scenes and fresh air (Priceless) 

Happy students in IT Carlow, happy Go! 21 :D

Would you join us?

Take charge of your future today

All our consultations are free of charge and you'll be chatting with a consultant who has studied + lived in Ireland! Look forward to chatting with you!

(Chinese/ English/ Malay support available)

Whenever you're ready, we can start your application!

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