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Got your IGCSE results? What's next?

Congratulations to all fellow students who have just received your IGCSE results! Curious to know what's next for your study abroad planning?

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Congrats on finally getting your IGCSE results!

After so many months, even years of hard work, it all comes down to this - your IGCSE results, also known as your first step to university entry.

But it doesn't have to be that scary!

We all know how IGCSE students feel. You know what you want to study but just not that exact!

You got your results, say for example you wanted to study Business but you are not 100% sure whether you want to study Accounting? Marketing? or Finance?


You wanted to study Science but you are not 100% sure whether you want to study Biology? Food Science? or Genetics?

Plan to become a doctor but don't want to go through the rigorous 1.5 years of A-levels?

Wanted to study Engineering but not sure whether you want Mechanical Engineering? Aviation Engineering?

We've got a good recommendation for you!

DIFC in Ireland offers 4 foundation programmes for IGCSE students to choose from:

where you can study in two DIFC campuses in Ireland, Dublin and Cork!

Study the foundation programme first - then decide on your Degree choice after!

The best part? The Pre-U Foundation courses are only NINE MONTHS!

Here's a timeline example:

  • Start your DIFC Pre-U Foundation course in September 2018
  • Complete in June 2019 
  • Progress to first year university degree course in September 2019!

Or, if you wish to start a few months later after receiving your IGCSE results, that's okay too :) You can even complete the course in SEVEN MONTHS!

  • Start your DIFC Pre-U Foundation course in January 2019
  • Complete in July 2019 
  • Progress to first year university degree course in September 2019!

What makes DIFC special?

  • Small class size
  • Guaranteed access to universities - no more worrying about entry requirements!
  • 4,000 university courses to choose after completing DIFC Foundation
  • Strong academic support and student services provided
  • Students can progress to UK, Irish, US, Canada, Australia universities and more
  • 40 university partners across the world, including 5 of the top 100 universities globally - read more
  • Offering university placement services - especially assisting Medicine school students for interviews

Here's Andrew's story:

Andrew Yeo, from Johor Bahru, Malaysia completed his IGCSE back in 2017.

He enrolled Engineering foundation in DIFC, Ireland on September 2017.

Also a shoutout to Andrew - congrats on receiving offer to study Engineering Degree starting next month in one of Ireland's top universities - National University of Ireland, Galway!

Extremely proud of Andrew.

Interested in enrolling DIFC's Pre-U Foundation in Ireland,

just like Andrew?

Here's what you need:

Entry requirements: 5C on your IGCSE results

Tuition fees €13,600 or €15,800 (Medicine)

Scholarship available: Ranging from €1,000 - €2,800 depending on your IGCSE results

Living and accommodation expenses: €7,000 if live in Cork or €10,000 if live in Dublin

Have more questions?

Our dedicated Go! 21 study abroad consultants will be chatting with you 1 to 1 to explore which DIFC programme suits you best and explore more about the benefits of studying in Ireland with you :)

We look forward to welcoming more IGCSE students to Ireland!

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