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How to pay your tuition fees with PaytoStudy

After you have received your offer letter from Irish universities and colleges, it's time to proceed to tuition fee payment! But how?

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First of all - congratulations, Go! 21 students!

You made it! You are soon to realise your study abroad dream with this offer letter from an Irish university. Now you wanted to send money to your university for the tuition fees but there are some instructions on your offer letter - asking you to pay your fees via PaytoStudy. 

If you're going to study in our partner Irish universities, you need to pay your fees or deposit via Paytostudy.

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And we're going to show you how.

Ok, so what is this PaytoStudy facility?

What are the benefits of PaytoStudy to students?

  • Avail lower exchange rate for tuition fee payment
  • Ensuring that your Irish university will receive the full amount that you have paid (Because in the past, without PaytoStudy, Irish bank would charge up to €40 for transaction fee! Students ended up paying more)
  • Free of charge to use 
  • Receive receipts within 48 hours from PaytoStudy, together with 24 hours customer service support

Let's begin. step 1. Open your offer letter.

Open your offer letter from your email inbox. You can see a link in the offer letter, asking you to click and pay fees. (See image above) 

Step 2. PaytoStudy page dedicated to your university.

For instance, if you're going to pay your tuition fees towards DIT, clicking into the link should let you see a page like this (Image above)

Now start entering your details. Name, address, email address and etc.

Tip: You can find your Student Application Number or Reference Number in your offer letter ;)

Step 3 - How much are you paying?

Start entering your information -

1. Who is making the payment? Either you or your parents I would guess?

2. Payment method? You can now choose wire transfer or credit card/debit card payment!

3. Course name? Well, you should know this anyway! (Find the full course name in your offer letter)

4. Course fees? We encourage students to pay full tuition fees before flying to Ireland.

But you are also able to make deposit payment - half of your fees first if you like.

For example. If your full fees are €12,500, you can pay €12,500 straight away on PaytoStudy OR pay half which is €6,250. Just make sure you pay the other half before you fly.

IMPORTANT: Pay by Wire Transfer or Credit Card/Debit Card?

You have 2 choices - pay your fees in wire transfer with USD (also known as bank transfer/ telegraphic transfer) or pay your fees in your local currency (For example Ringgit) with your Credit Card.

The amount due to pay in USD or Ringgit will be reflected on the page according to the currency presently. See 2 images below:

Pay in Credit Card/Debit Card:


Pay in Wire Transfer:

IMPORTANT: If you wish to pay in Wire Transfer, you need to go to your local bank in your country make the payment within 48 HOURS because the USD exchange rate can only be hold for you maximum 48 hours.

Step 4 - Set up your PaytoStudy account once you're ready to pay

So if you're ready to pay, enter your password, create the account and click on the green button 'Process Transaction' and it will bring you to the next page:

If you chose Credit Card/ Debit Card for payment:

You will be brought to a page like this (see image above). Chose your payment method by choosing your credit card/debit card logo then proceed to entering the card details will do.

Tip: Before you make the credit card/ debit card payment, it would be a good idea to call your card issuer bank and let them know you're about to make a big payment like this online.

That's it for Credit Card/ Debit Card payment! You will receive confirmation receipt email from PaytoStudy afterwards.

Note: Once tuition fee payment is made, it will take 7 - 10 days for your university to issue partial receipt (if you pay your fees in half) or full receipt letter.

Congratulations! You have completed the payment transaction!

(Remember to let your Go! 21 consultant know that payment has been made successfully)

If you chose Wire Transfer:

Step 5 - Read the payment instructions for wire transfer

Have a careful read of the payment instructions on this page. 

Step 6 - Important instructions to take note

Make sure you:

  • Pay in 48 hours
  • Pay in USD 
  • After payment, take picture or scan your transfer receipt, passport and offer letter and send it to (They need to confirm your identification that's why)

Got it? Now continue to scroll down the page and you will be able to see the last piece of important information:

Step 7 - PaytoStudy bank account details

Why do you need the information above?

Because you need to transfer the given USD amount to PaytoStudy bank account from your local bank.

The details above are required by your local bank to complete the telegraphic transfer/ wire transfer transaction.

Tip: Print this page out because you will need to fill in the information by writing and filling out your local bank's wire transfer form!

Step 8 - Fill out bank wire transfer form

Go to the international telegraphic transfer counter in your bank, tell the staff you need to transfer amount abroad and they will provide you with a form like this below:

Remember the PaytoStudy bank account details in step 7? This is where you need to fill them!

IMPORTANT: If your bank wire transfer form did not ask for some of the bank account details in step 7, make sure you still WRITE them ALL in the form! Find empty blank spaces on the form and fill them in.

Tip: Try to be there at the bank before 3pm Malaysia time. Sometimes the transfer counter closes around 3:30pm, yikes!

Remember to put in your reference number in the bank transfer form so PaytoStudy can identify the money coming from YOU.

Tip: You can find your PaytoStudy reference number in Step 7 image above (Last 4 row)

Step 9 - Keep your bank transfer receipt

Once you have completed the form in step 8, the bank will provide you with a transfer receipt like above.

Keep the transfer receipt well. Plus, remember to take a picture of this transfer receipt, together with your offer letter and passport, email them to

Step 10 - check your money transfer process and receipt

Yes you did it! All the hard work is done.

Now, you can log back to your account on PaytoStudy and check whether PaytoStudy has received the amount that you have sent them via wire transfer.

Tip: You could also email and ask receipt from PaytoStudy - no need to ask from your Go! 21 Education Consultant

Step 11 - Don't forget your accommodation!

Once you have paid your fees, don't forget about your accommodation payment too!

At this stage, your Go! 21 Education Consultant should have already sent you your dedicated accommodation invoice. If not, do let us know your preferred accommodation option and we will get that sorted right away.

Tip: Accommodation payment to Go! 21 Education do not require PaytoStudy. You can see our bank account details in your accommodation invoice. Just send the accommodation payment straight to our bank account.

That's it! Another tip for ya -

Remember - the sooner you pay your fees and accommodation, the sooner these places will be reserved and fully secured by YOU!

We hope the article has been useful to you. In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming you to Ireland and join our Go! 21 Study Abroad Community! Where we...

  • Pick you up personally from the airport; bring you straight to your accommodation
  • One day walking tour of Dublin - what to buy and where to buy!
  • Invite you to our monthly lunch or dinner meetups - meet new friends!
  • Meet successful Malaysian senior graduates who work and live in Ireland
  • Share tips and advice on how to look for job, look for house shares and etc 

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