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How to explore Europe by studying in Ireland.

Studying in Ireland? Take the opportunity and travel around Europe.

· Living In Ireland

Two reasons:

  • Cheap and affordable 
  • Super easy to travel within Europe from Ireland!

So, sit tight as we go through these 5 easy steps to create a hassle-free Europe trip together!

1. Book the cheapest flight

Now here comes my favorite travel tool to get the cheapest flight; very powerful and easy to use - the Google Flight. Here’s how:

  1. Fill up the details (framed in red box): round trip, departure airports (you can tick nearby airports to compare prices), the country or city you fancy to travel and the dates.
  2. A list of flights will show up with the cheapest choice on top (framed in blue box – €76).
  3. Google will give you some tips to travel even cheaper by making some alterations on your trip (framed in green box). Here, it says I can save €25 if I go back a day earlier to Ireland, only €51.
  4. Oops, I almost forgot! Please turn on the Track prices feature. So, you will be alerted by email if there’s any price changes.

If you don’t have a specific country or dates in mind, fret not, Google Flight allows you to explore all the different beautiful countries based on your interests. It will also suggest the cheapest dates for you to fly.

Say I pick London, here’s what you will see below. Usually, Ryanair will be the cheapest airline to pick. It is an Irish low-cost airline, just like our AirAsia!

2. Create travel itinerary

I love to look up on TripAdvisor which you can discover the top attractions or pick the type of attractions you would love to visit. It will show you the rankings and reviews too.

Besides that, YouTube is also a great place to explore places to go! Simply type in “Travel London”, there will be loads of wonderful vlogs you can watch. I always like to create a playlist, where I will add all the relevant videos into it. This allows me to easily refer to the videos whenever I want.

3. Search for an affordable stay

Accommodation can be the most expensive part of your travel expenses. My favourite places to look out for cheap stays are Hostelworld and Airbnb. Others would be, Trivago and Agoda.

TIP: Try to book a stay that includes breakfast (save money) and provides towel (save packing space)

4. Pack light

When travel on budget, our baggage is not checked in. Therefore, we can only bring along one bag pack and one carry-on luggage.

Here’s a checklist of must-bring travel items:

  • Passport (Most crucial!!!)
  • Clothing according to the country and season you are going (Eg. Germany is the coldest in January, you will need thick scarf and gloves)
  • Towel (If it is not provided by your accommodation)
  • Toiletries (Liquids must be 100 ml or below for carry on luggage)
  • Water bottle (Refill water at the airport - save money on buying water!)
  • A nice pair of walking shoes
  • Money (of correct currency as not all European countries use euro, such as Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland do not use euro)
  • Mobile phone (A must for insta-worthy photos!)
  • Mobile charger and Power bank
  • International plugs (Except for the UK, same as Ireland and Malaysia. But for other European countries, it is a must)

5. Have more questions? Ask your Go! 21 Study Abroad Community!

Your education consultant is not only knowledgeable in helping you to study, live and work in Ireland, but also had multiple European travel experiences!

Or simply ask a question relating to travel in our dedicated Go! 21 Study Abroad Community Facebook group.

Upon your arrival to Ireland, we will pick you up from the airport and be your travel tour guide to show you around Dublin, the city we fell in love with!

Here's how we roll:

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Written by Go! 21 power team member, Lorraine Lim. Currently studying in Ireland, love traveling, running and helping any Go! 21 students in need :D

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