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Go! 21 Asian Food Hunt | Dublin 

I just love food, particularly Asian food.

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Let's be honest here.

Studying abroad is great, but you might miss the....

Big bowl of noodle soup in hawker food centre, authentic sushi in Japanese restaurant and so much more.

Good news - there are good Asian food in Dublin

Today, we're going to introduce you 3 of each Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean foodie places in Dublin.

Watch out, they are very student friendly in prices.

#1 Aobaba

If you like noodle soup / kuey teow soup, then you will love Aobaba's authentic Vietnam Noodle Soup.

Whether you like it spicy/original, there are choices for everyone.

PS I love getting extra chili and lemon, yum! Also a great way to warm you up in cold Dublin!

Not that hungry to go for the big bowl of noodle soup? Why not try their Vietnamese Spring Roll, baguette or even bubble tea? 

Check out their review on Tripadvisor here

Address: North Dublin - Capel Street, Dublin. (Opposite row from AIB Capel Street)

Opening Hours: 12:00 pm - 9:00pm

Price Range: €6.80 - €9.00


Japanese food can be expensive when you're far away from Asia. But not in YUMO! The student friendly price range for Japanese meals and warmth service can definitely make you feel like home.

Here in YUMO, you can customise your own sushi and ramen noodles! With affordable prices starting from €6.95

Wait, there's more - Gyoza (For €6.95) , rice bowl (choose either home cooked char siew or beef - for €6.95) Wanna have a closer look at the char siew? Here you go:

What I love about YUMO is their very 'homey' atmosphere. With a simple sit in meal in YUMO, you also get a nice cup of hot tea and a friendly smile from the lovely staff there!

Check out their Facebook fan page here

Address: Aungier, Dublin. (Opposite DIT Aungier Street)

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 12:00 pm - 8:00pm

Price Range: €6.95 - €10.00

#3 Han Yang Korean Food

When I first arrived Dublin, I have no idea where to go for food. Good thing my friend Edna brought us to this little canteen behind Han Yang Asian Market.

What makes this place special? It looks like a typical Asian mart from the outside, but as you walk along... thou shall find delicious Korean food behind the supermarket! 

Look. Just look at that portion of food you can get! 3 selection of food of your choice + miso soup = €5.50!

Kinda reminds me of the 'Economy Rice/ Jing Ji Fan' in Malaysia :D

Top tip: Bring a tupperware food box with you so you can 'dapao/takeaway' the rest of the food home. Conclusion? You just spent €5.50 for 2 MEALS.

If you don't feel like eating rice, there are more on their menu as well: Kimchi soup, Kimchi rice cake stir fry, Seafood stir fry noodles, beef noodle soup and more. 

Believe me - you will be spending at least 5 minutes looking at the menu during your first trip here! Oh wait, how about some after-meal-shopping?

Here in Han Song you can find all sorts of Korean and Asian food ingredients - from instant noodles, steamboat ingredients to homemade kimchi and more!

Check out their website here or review on Yelp here

Address: 22 Great Strand Street, Dublin 1 (North Inner City)

Opening Hours: 

Monday - Saturday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Sunday 11:30 am - 8:30 pm

Price Range: €5.50 - €9.90

We know what it's like being an international student here.

- Hong Ling, CEO/Founder of Go! 21 Student Agency

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