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Event hoppin' - Chinese New Year festival @ Dublin


Happy Chinese New Year and warmest greetings from us here in Go! 21 Student Agency Ireland!


· Living In Ireland

You might be wondering, as an International student here in Ireland, apart from missing home and having live Skype/Line calls with families back home, what else can we do?

Well thanks to the ever growing diverse population here in Dublin, the authorities have organised lovely Chinese New Year festival in town! @ CHQ Building.

Many thanks to Dublin city council, great initiative :)

So what’s going on around here, let me bring you around!

Let’s see now, there’s Asia Market stand selling Chinese New Year decorations and snacks, just in case you need to brush up your place more festive a lil bit ;)

Or simply by playing a game of Chinese Chess and make new friends.

Our new friend, Zhe versus Niall!

PS Niall's a good student.

Hold on, don’t forget Chinese Calligraphy too!

Credits to Dublin Chinese New Year Festival

Picture credits to Dublin Chinese New Year Festival

Picture credits to Dublin Chinese New Year Festival

Throughout the festival, it's great to see families bringing little children to learn more about Chinese culture :)

Credits to Dublin Chinese New Year Festival 

Nothing better than learning Chinese Culture by simply doing it :)

While kids are having most of the fun in this festival, or should I say cheeky little monkeys....

Credits to Maria Farago

There are workshops for almost every aspect of Chinese culture which are nice to see :)

Including 'how-to-lion-dance'!

And how can one forget Dragon Dance and Mr Fortune! (Except this Mr Fortune is quite skinny! haha)

Credits to Dublin Chinese New Year Festival

Here's a sneak peak of what the Dragon Dance Performance looks like...

Credits to Dublin Chinese New Year Festival

As for food wise, I did not take much pictures of it (As I was busy eating, does that count?)

But here are some stalls in the festival, some traditional Chinese food such as:

Credits to Dublin Chinese New Year Festival

Ah the art of Chinese Tea...

Sugar art made fresh from the venue! How cool is that :D

Now to think back,

Did I enjoy Chinese New Year in Dublin?


No because frankly I still miss home. (Who doesn’t!)

But at least, it’s a Yes too because it is a start of a new tradition here in abroad with my loved one and friends here :)

Here’s to a new year ahead and new actions in realizing the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Experience new traditions and life here in Dublin together with Go! 21 Student Agency today.

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