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Best of both worlds: Galway & Mayo

Let's explore other beautiful Irish cities.

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Yes, there are also beautiful cities in Ireland apart from Dublin.

Today we'll be introducing two counties in Ireland - Galway and Mayo.

At the West of Ireland, Galway and Mayo stands a long history of rich culture and breathtaking scenery, making it one of the most popular tourism sites.

Calling students! Do you know: In Galway and Mayo there is also a tertiary educational institution that has strong, active links with research and industry partners.

Which university may you wonder?


Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)

Where you would be able to enjoy both counties, both local festivals and activities, as well as the rich academic lifestyle there.

Sure let's kick off showing you the beauty of these two cities!

City life of Galway

Do you know: Galway is the 4th largest city in Ireland with a population of 75,000 people. The city is officially the European Capital of Culture for 2020, while not to forget friendly locals as well ;)

Annual festivals in Galway city included: Halloween parade (sounds fun!), Oyster festival and more!

History and culture of Mayo

County Mayo has a long history and prehistory and a wealth of archaeological remains from the Neolithic period, particularly in terms of megalithic tombs and ritual stone circles.

 Deserted village in Achill Island of Mayo was settled from at least the Anglo-Norman period.

Immersed yourself in the rich history background of county Mayo and experience the best of what Ireland has to offer :)

Annual festivals in Mayo included: Traditional music festival (Irish music is not to be missed!), Culture Night and more!

Wish to experience the beauty of both Galway and Mayo?

Choose GMIT today.

Galway-Mayo IT


  • Sunday Times Institute of Technology of the Year (2015)
  • 3 strong research centres on campus
  • Rich student lifestyle with active clubs & societies
  • Affordable rent and living expenses in Galway or Mayo (40% cheaper than living in Dublin city)

Here's what our Indian student has to say about GMIT:

"Coming to college at GMIT has turned out to be so much better than I expected. Students are so humble here, compared to other colleges or universities.

I have made so many new friends and know I will make more before I finish my degree. People here at GMIT are really straight forward. I like that a lot."

Siddharth Raizada - Electronics and Computer Engineering student @ GMIT

With two campuses located in Galway and Mayo, GMIT has embraced specialities of both places and provide students with advanced technology and academic teaching standards.

The Galway campus building of GMIT is situated in the heart of Galway city, where the campus building now serves as one of Galway City's iconic landmarks.

The Mayo Campus is located next to Mayo General Hospital and is the first Institute of Technology campus in Ireland to be awarded Green Campus status. (Hooray!)

Another reason to choose GMIT:

Strong industrial links

GMIT provides strong career advice and support for students.

Also, Galway is home to international companies like Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Hewlett Packard, Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, SAP, Baxter Healthcare, Volex and Allergan.

Wait, there is one more surprise for you.

Scholarship up to 15%

Non-EU student may qualify for a scholarship in GMIT in recognition of their English level, country of origin or both.

Interested in GMIT?

Here at Go! 21 Education, we are happy to assist students with:

  • Free consultation online - helping you to navigate and choose the most suitable university
  • Application documents to GMIT (Click here to apply online)
  • Scholarship application
  • Accommodation and student insurance application
  • Welcoming you to Ireland!

That's all folks!

If you're interested in studying in GMIT and

living in Galway or Mayo city,

talk to us.

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Article written by our amazing Emily Lim.

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