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8 Reasons - Dublin International Foundation College (DIFC) offers the Best Foundation Course in Ireland

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DIFC was established in 1999, providing international students a specialised, high quality foundation course which helps to gain entrance into leading universities around the world.

Why DIFC Foundation?

Let’s break down all the benefits that you will reap by choosing DIFC Foundation:

1. Keep your options open

DIFC students gain entry to over 40 partner universities globally, including Ireland, UK, USA and Australia, with more than 4,000 courses to choose. This means your pathway to university is kept wide open without restrictions.

Many of our Malaysian students have progressed to universities such as RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons Ireland), University College Cork and more!

2. Quality of universities linked

5 of the UK partner universities are in the top 100 university list in the world!

Also get access to top universities below:

3. 100% university placement

With the personalised guidance to university placement provided, you are ensured to find a university that suits you best, provided that you pass the programme successfully. Save you headaches on comparing all the universities alone by yourself.

PS: DIFC will allocate one hour per week for consultation with every student! Studies are important, but so are your choices to universities!

4. Accelerated pre-university education

DIFC foundation provides a pathway of just 7 to 9 months into university compared to a longer period required by A Levels and Form 6 (STPM), which could take up to 1.5 years.

Choose from the following foundation courses offered by DIFC:

  • Science Foundation
  • Engineering Foundation
  • Business Foundation 
  • Health Science (Medicine) Foundation

5. Flexible start dates

Start your foundation either in January or September every year.

Besides that, you can also choose your campus to be in Dublin or Cork with a range of exciting facilities available for students. Dublin and Cork are the largest and second largest city in Ireland.

6. Well-mixed international experience

Beyond 30 nationalities are taking DIFC courses, giving students a multicultural university experience. Gaining global exposure by joining exciting social activities organised by DIFC.

PS: Build up your networking and work collaboration skills in DIFC Foundation course first. Then when it comes to Degree, students are much more prepared!

7. Affordable price

Save as much as 25% on tuition fees compared to UK foundation programmes, not mentioning the living expenses, while you still have access to UK universities for your degree.

8. Scholarships with your DIFC results

Students with outstanding results gained from DIFC too can apply for scholarship to enter top UK and Irish universities. Scholarship discount range from 10 to 30% discount.

To sum up,

Spend 7 to 8 months on DIFC Foundation course,

then receive guaranteed progression to top universities in Ireland/ UK/ Australia/ Canada!

Hear what Lakshmi, Malaysian student has to say about DIFC!

When to apply?

Apply with your SPM trial results

- so you can start early for January intake in DIFC!

(Complete the Pre-U Foundation course successfully in DIFC and you will be able to progress to 1st year Degree same year September!)

How about scholarships?

DIFC, in partnership with Go! 21 Education, are determined to work together to assist SPM and ICGSE leavers to receive high-quality foundation courses which will help open doors to superb universities worldwide.

All scholarship applications received are dealt with case by case basis by DIFC. Go! 21 Education will provide suitable recommendations to students and assist in students’ applications and documents.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students with outstanding academic results are welcomed to apply.

Types of Scholarship Available:

Dublin campus :

1,000 - 1,600 euro (For Science, Engineering, Business, Health Science) - limited spaces left!

Cork campus :

2,000 euro for Science, Engineering, Business stream

2,200 euro for Health Science stream

When is the intake?

  • January 2019 (Dublin campus only)
  • September 2019

Need a consultant to help you find the best-suited foundation course in DIFC?

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Written by Go! 21 power team member, Lorraine Lim. Currently studying in Ireland, love traveling, running and helping any Go! 21 students in need :D

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