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6 FREE Resources for International Students in Ireland

As an international student studying in Ireland, especially when arriving in an unfamiliar environment, it is very important to note the resources available for you!

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Yes, I said FREE…

Based on my experiences, international students seldom realise there are so many resources available for them. So here are my top 6 free resources that you, as an international student, can avail in Ireland.

1. Your study abroad consultant

By enrolling in universities in Ireland through a reliable study abroad agent, not only can you receive so much free advice, application, airport pickup but also join free community networking events organised by Go! 21 Study Abroad Community.

Meet new friends and quickly blend into your new life in Ireland.

Note: These free perks offered are only available for students who enrolled Irish universities via Go! 21 Education. Start your journey with us here today. #StudyWithGo21

2. International office

After arriving Ireland, you will be glad to see that not only are Go! 21 education consultants welcoming you but also the international office staff from Irish universities! Various events were hosted by the office such as 1 day trip away from Dublin, friendship lunches and more.

The purpose of the office is to support international students (which is you) and offer any assistance needed in relations to your visa or student documents required.

3. Student Services Centre

Now you’re ready for your first day. Before you step into your classroom, drop by the dedicated Student Services Centre and get your student ID card!

More services are also available for international students in this office, such as:

  • 3-day orientation programme
  • Accommodation advice
  • Ordering your GNIB letters
  • Ordering your bank account opening letters
  • Any documents required
Note: Some Irish universities also merge Student Services Office with International Office - so make sure you know these different offices during your orientation week :)

4. Academic Writing Centre

You have started your course and realise you might be falling behind as English might not be your first language. Fret not, most of the international students face the same challenge at the start too! For instance, the academic reference style and reporting method in Ireland may be different from your home country.

Get help from Academic Writing Centre, dedicated to assisting both local and international students in areas of:

  • Professional writing methods
  • One-to-one guidance
  • Resources available to strengthen writing skills
  • How-to-write professionally and academically
Note: Some Irish universities also merge Academic Writing Centre with the library office- so make sure you know these different departments to seek help during your orientation week :)

​​5. Career office

Another thing which I realise is that when international students start looking for internships in Ireland; it can be quite challenging and lonely. After all, you have to build connections and network by yourself in a complete, new environment.

That’s why the career guidance office is here to help.

During my time in DIT, I had both individual and group consultation with the business career advisors. It was extremely helpful and definitely guided us in a better direction for our careers. Services provided by the office include:

  • CV clinic (CV is also known as resume)
  • Interview techniques
  • One-to-one career advice appointment
  • Job alerts and news
  • Building relationships with companies and introduce internships and jobs to students

Tip: If you're a Go! 21 student, make sure to stay up to date with our Go! 21 Study Abroad Community Facebook group where we love to share:

  • Job vacancies (Part time/ internship/ graduate position) 
  • Advice on applying job/ attending interviews
  • CV workshop (free!) 
All just for Go! 21 students.

6. Student Counsellor

Living alone, meeting new friends while coping with studies isn’t always easy. If you ever need help, whether it is missing home or feeling overwhelmed by studies pressure, don’t be shy to drop by the student counsellor’s office in your Irish university! All conversations are confidential.

Personally I think it’s a great service and extremely essential for students’ wellbeing.

Other resources:

While the above resources available are great, don’t forget there are others too! Such as:

  • Student Union’s office (Ask for gym membership / participating in extracurricular activities)
  • Student Health service office (If you need to see a General Practice doctor, there’s one on your campus or nearby!)
  • Library (both online and office resources and books available for students)

From an international student point of view, not only do I feel welcomed by the friendly lecturers and staffs but also reassuring to know that these resources are available to both local and international students in any Irish universities. When I shared this information about these available resources with my family back home in Malaysia, they were both surprised and happy to hear!

So if you’re deciding to come to Ireland and study, I wish that you will have a great time here just like I do and further your personal development in a positive, encouraging environment here.

And if you have any questions about studying abroad in Ireland, feel free to reach out!

This article is written by Hong Ling, founder of Go! 21 Education in Ireland. Having studied and lived in Ireland for the past 5 years, she decided to share her knowledge and experience by welcoming international students to Ireland.

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