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3 steps for SPM Trial Holders to apply universities

It's time to take your future into your own hands!

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It's that time of the year again isn't it? Where the moonlight, textbooks and coffee is your best companion and dark circles constantly decorate your face.

A word of encouragement is that you've already won half the battle! You've received your SPM trial results, which is an indication of your near future achievement.

You ask, what could be your future?
Now is your chance to find out where you could land yourself after the gruelling SPM!
In the land of opportunity : Ireland & the UK

Well, pay close attention, because this is your golden opportunity to have it all!

DIFC campus

Right at the capital of Ireland lies DIFC (Dublin International Foundation College)

All courses in DIFC are tailored for students aiming for direct entry to the first year of an undergraduate course at the UK or Irish institutions.

International Foundation Year (IFY) has 4 main routes for students

  1. Health & Science Medicine Foundation Programme
  2. Business & Management Foundation Course
  3. Engineering & Technology Foundation Course
  4. Sciences Foundation Course

Check out where graduates of DIFC have progressed to!

With your SPM trial results, you can now make your education dream come true.

Step 1

Step 2

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Upload required documents

Step 3

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